Not only are our beach cruisers designed for a modern feel and style, but they are designed for comfort. Anyone can ride a Firmstrong beach cruiser.

The first step to starting your ride is by selecting the perfect bike for you from over 40 bikes in a variety of matte and glossy paint options.

Once you've received your new Sixthreezero bike, you'll find that it's already 85% assembled in the box so that the rest is easy and you can take your new bike for a spin in no time. 

Every Sixthreezero beach bike and the versatile tricycle are affordable and provide a quality riding experience. Enjoy a fun ride along the beach or through the park with a Sixthreezero bike today. Our Bikes may have been born by the beach, but they're made for anywhere, which is why we offer nationwide shipping.  You could have your new bike in about 7 days.